Brad & Kelly Engagements

Brad is one of the most incredible human beings I've ever met! He is the owner of Key Nutrition in Draper and has made it his goal to help others become healthy. I was actually one of his clients and when I found out that he was dating this gorgeous girl, I was secretly hoping it would work out because she is AMAZING! Being able to photograph them was a dream and I am so excited for them to say "I Do" on the beaches of Hawaii in just a few short weeks! And seriously, check him out for any nutrition needs! 


Liz & Henry Engagements

These two met 4 years ago and have been inseparable since! We shot at Antelope Island and the weather was absolutely perfect! I can not even describe how much I loved doing this shoot because of how much laughter there was during the entires session! These two just scream happiness through their facial expressions and gestures for each other! They are getting married in July and I'm counting down the days because I'm so excited to be there to capture their special day! 

Mindy & Jesse Wedding

I was counting down the days for this wedding! I finally got to meet Jesse and everything Mindy said about him was true... HE'S AMAZING! Their special day was filled with so much laughter and joy for everyone who was there. I truly love that not only are these two in love but they are obviously best friends! I am thrilled that these two are married and invited me to capture such an incredible moment in their lives! Congratulations you two! You both make my heart so happy and remind me why I love doing what I do! PS- JESSE YOU DANCE LIKE NO BODY'S BUSINESS!!!!! 

Alex & Lucas Engagements

These two are getting married in Arizona and I seriously cannot wait to shoot their special day! If there wedding day is anything  like their engagement session then it is going to be incredibly beautiful! These two met while working at a bagel shop and have been inseparable ever since! The one thing that I couldn't stop thinking during this shoot was how Lucas looks at Alex. It is so rare to find such raw emotion in guy in front of the camera. Lucas could not stop looking and smiling at Alex and I mean, do you blame him? She's a total BABE! 

Whitney & Joey

I've known Whitney since High School and she is by far the happiest person I have ever met in my life! She makes friends every where she goes and I have NEVER heard anyone speak ill of her! She has accomplished so much in her life, especially in the dance world! When I found out she got married I knew this guy was so special! Joe is seriously the sweetest guy and compliments her beautifully! I know that the two of them have so many adventures ahead of them and I'm so grateful that I am friends with Whit and now Joe! Thank you guys for letting me do this shoot with you!! 

Mindy Bridal Session

This girl is incredibly stunning inside and out! Due to weather she chose to shoot at the Joseph Smith Memorial building and I am always surprised by the beauty there. Mindy's dress is DRAMA and one of the most unique dresses i've seen! I loved playing with the versatility of it and showing it off in her pictures. Her fiancĂ© is so lucky to be marrying such a fun and gorgeous girl! He hit the jackpot for sure! 

Brandon & Kaity Wedding Day

Can you say #tindermercy? That's right! These two love birds met using the famous app and haven't looked back since! Kaity was an absolutely stunning bride which complimented her amazing personality. Brandon looked incredibly dapper in his custom navy fitted suit. These two were picture perfect which made my job super easy! Congratulations you two! I am so excited for what is to come in your journey together! 



This is kind of shoot is what photographer dreams are MADE OF! I have been wanting to photograph this girl FOREVER and today I got the chance! To say that it was a perfect situation is a serious understatement! She is stunning inside and out and I am so happy with how these turned out! 

Flowers- Jessica Packer @whitelilylane

Dress- Bridal Brilliance Rentals

Model+HMU- Katy Leung

Josh & Kylee Wedding Day

This wedding day was absolutely perfect despite the imperfections of the weather! These two have such a fun and special story, it's only natural that their day was so special as well. Even though there was some unexpected rain during the reception, it added to the romance and beauty of the day. These pictures make me so happy and remind me why I love doing what I do! 

Josh & Kylee Engagements

These two traveled from FREAKING HOUSTON so that I could take their engagement pictures! I am so honored to have such amazing clients to work with! It's obvious that they have the most insane and loving connection. I absolutely adore these two and cannot wait to capture their special day! 

Baby Lyla

I had SO much fun shooting this gorgeous little baby! She is so happy and brings so much happiness in to the lives of all who surround her. She is blessed with some incredible parents that love her so much! I can't wait to continue to see this little angel grow! Baby hunger is SOOO real you guys! I was dying after this shoot! 

Jake & Sean Wedding

I've known Jake for 10 years! He was my closest and best friend through out high school. I'm so glad we have continued to be great friends and I'm honored that he asked me to capture his special day with Sean! 


Hardman Family Pictures

Every day is a party with this bunch! This shoot left my stomach sore from laughing so much. These guys know how to have fun but most importantly how to love uncontrollably! I love this crazy Hardman Family! 

Kate & Zach Wedding Day

It's not every day that your best friend gets married and what a GORGEOUS bride she was! These two said "I Do" in front of their closest family and friends. The reception was filled with yummy waffles, gorgeous flowers, and a lot of laughs. These two share a love that is once in a lifetime. I am beyond happy for them and can't wait to see what life brings for them.

Whitney & Moni Wedding Day

This day could not have been more beautiful! From the weather outside to the details at the reception, everything came together perfectly. Whitney & Moni have a relationship filled with giggles, smiles, and a whole lot of love. I knew when I first me them that they had something extremely rare and special. I am so honored that I was able to capture their love in their big day!

Jake & Sean

Meet Jake & Sean! Jake is a logical guy who likes to plan. Sean is happy go lucky guy who just goes with the flow. These two opposites attracted in the most beautiful way and now are getting ready to get married! Congratulations you two! Love you both! Total hunks, am I right?

Kate & Zach Engagements

When your best friend is getting married, you OBVIOUSLY beg her to let you do her wedding and engagements! I am beyond happy that these two found each other and that they have a love that creates so much happiness! I love being able to capture the sweet connection between couples, especially when i know them personally! #winning

Miner Family

I met this beautiful girl on a bus on our way to run a half marathon. We ran together the whole time and then lost touch. Fast forward a few years later, I did the photography for her sisters wedding without knowing it was her sister and we have been able to keep in touch since. She has the sweetest little family now and I love that I got to capture them together!